About me

Hello, my Artist name is Bridgit's Creativity and my real name is Brigitte Walthert. 

I love nature as well everything that is naturally; I love all kind of animals and everything that has to do with crafting where I can unfold my creativity. I am born in 1967 and I live in Switzerland accompanied by my lovely and sweet dog Amy. 


I've tried a lot of crafting things, but when I discovered quilling it was love forever and a hobby that just fits to me in many ways. I can not only relax very well by doing it, it also has a meditative effect on me. I can use Quilling to achieve my versatility for example, unfold my creativity, let overflow my wealth of ideas, discover my own creative power, create new things which are unknown, play with the colors and shapes, find out many beautiful things and to share with you all my knowledge about quilling here on this website as far as my time and health allows it. Quilling is only a hobby for me, I do not do it commercially and do not sell any of my artworks and I also do not earn any mony on my videos, which I provide. For me, Quilling is a blessing that gives me quality of life in many ways, it's also a gift where I can recognize and live my talents. I am just happy to enjoy this hobby for my self and to share idees and inspirations with others.


Now I wish you an inspiring and pleasant time here on this website Quilling4you.


Kind regards
Bridgit's Creativity                                    


Here are some Pictures from me from the time 1988 until 2016