Quilling Online Courses

Dear Quilling friends :-)


This year September 2017 I am starting my first Quilling Online course on Facebook.


This course is only for beginners and for those which are not much advanced!!!


Are you interested? Then please contact me so we can discuss if this group is the right one for you to join as member. I will also need some Information’s about your Quilling stand and intencions, as well some informations about with what you are working at the moment. This Information’s is for me important to work out my course tasks.


What I have to know about your Quilling stand:

  1. Please tell me about your current quilling stand? Like for example, on what did you work until now, which shapes or techniques do you know already?
  2. Are you a complete new beginner or did you do already any quilling works? If you did already some works, then please send me pictures of your very first works and your current works you have done.
  3. Which tools do you already have for doing quilling? Can you send me a picture?
  4. Can you please let me know with what for strips you are working? What for paper do you use? How much weight dose is has? How width and how long are your strips? Do you make them yourself or do you buy them?
  5. What goals, wishes, ideas or imaginations would you like to reach general in quilling?
  6. What do you expect from this quilling learning courses?
  7. Further down you find under the title "WHAT IS IMPORTANT AND MUST BE FULFILLED BY YOU" some important points which has to be fulfilled by you. Do you agree, with all these points and can you fulfill them?


  • In this learning group, you will find individual courses which are offered, so that beginners can find a simple introduction into the quilling ABC. Please click on this PDF file to see the whole course content which is offered.
00-Quilling course content.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 186.1 KB


  • The courses are beginning in September 2017 and are ending about end of Mai 2018
    (With approx. complete 2 months break in between in different periods) The data cannot be yet 100% confirmed as this is my first course and the experience for the duration must be collected.


  • The courses are not public and will be conducted within a FB Group which is especially created for this courses. The FB Quilling beginner group will be changed to a secret group as soon we begin to be active within the group. So that anonymity within the group is guaranteed.


  • All participants will be added in July 2017 into the group, so we have enough time to get to know us better and have also time to work out some important organizational matters like for example to find a suitable day in the week for our online meetings.


  • The courses and all offers are for free - no fees. Disclaimer for the course leader (Bridgit’s Creativity) Quilling4you is for all course content, failed work or misunderstandings. Each participant decides them self’s if they like to make small or big projects which are asked weekly as learning tasks. Tools and material are carried by the participants they are free to use what they like and can afford. Alternative possibilities will be worked out in the group.


  • The number of members will be limited by 30-35 participants and are carefully determined by selection procedures. 


  • Very important is also that you can understand English well by reading and writing while we are sharing and discussing much and weekly within the group together. Of course you can use the translation.
  • You should be a beginner and very interested to learn the whole Quilling ABC with all course contents which are offered (please look at the PDF-file with all course Contents on top).
  • You have to take part into our weekly online meetings where we discuss our small learning tasks which you have to also work on them and share them within the group. You do not have to be online to a certain time and are free to post on the weekly day your tasks and comments when you have time for it.
  • Members which are not active or do not follow our learning tasks within the group will be removed from the group and this place will be free for someone else which are more interested to work together in the group actively.
  • All course content, pictures, texts, video content and graphics are intellectual property and are under the copyright of Quilling4you (Bridgit's Creativity) and may only be used for private use. Reproduction or use of such content, pictures, texts, video content and graphics in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the written permission of the author (Bridgit's Creativity - Quilling4you).

If you think this could be something for you, and you are ready to fulfil all conditions and agree to them and would like to work within a small group actively, then please contact me by my Facebook page Bridgit's Creativity - Quilling by private message and answer me all the questions I have futher on top and tell me more about your current Quilling stands.


Thank you very much.

Bridgit .