Quilling Online-Workshops

From time to time, I would like to share with you some of my new Quilling ideas which comes up to me. I would like to create these ideas in a workshop video, where I have a little more time to show you step by step all the new things which can be done. These workshop videos will be a little longer, than my usual video tutorials.


These workshops with all the information’s and links you will find here on my website, by "Online-Workshops". All emerging news about new workshops, I will announce on our FB fan-page "Quilling4you" and also in the FB group Discussion Forum, so that you are early enough informed. The Online workshops itself I will create in our group Discussion Forum with the FB event tool, where interested members will receive an invitation. Only group members can participate in the workshops, so if you are not yet a member of the FB group: Quilling Shapes and Techniques Discussion FORUM, then please join our group.


What exactly are online Workshops and how does this function?

These online workshops are created in the FB group as an “event”. These events are connected to the main FB group "Discussion Forum" but function more like a single smaller group which is separated from the main timeline of the group. Only members from the FB group "Discussion Forum" can be invited and have the possibility to look into the activities whenever they like. For people who are not members of the group the link does not function. So that’s way you have to join the group to participate into the workshops.

In these individual workshop events, you will find the following offers:

  1. With my workshop video, I introduce you the new ideas

  2. Interested members have the opportunity to ask questions, especially after the video presentation, I will be online present, so that your question can also be addressed directly to me. You can exchange with other members and advice among your self’s.

  3. Interested members have the opportunity, to try to work on this presented idea which I have shown in the video. During the working process you have the possibility to exchange with others who do the same. You can profit with sharing tips, tricks and just to help each other or simply to share your results.

  4. You can profit to see much more ideas by the varieties of new creations from others who share it with you in this online workshop event. So you do not only get inspired from my ideas, we can create this online workshop as a source of endless inspirations and ideas. Each of you can be a part of growth and each of you counts to make these online workshops special.

  5. This will be created as an open-ended online workshop, what means it does not have a planned ending, so that it may develop in several ways. Through publishing these workshops on my website with all the information’s and links, it will be visible also for new interested people. As new group members, they can join the workshop at any time and participate with new ideas, creations etc. So it is an endless development of an original little idea that was sowed as a seed into the world and can grow into a wonderful and unique big collaboration work.


1st Workshop: