Quilling Tools - self designed

Dear quilling friends


I would like to create our first workshop with a lovely and very special idea. The topic of this workshop is called: QUILLING TOOLS – self designed.


In this last months I realized how many people in the world still have problems to buy commercial quilling tools. Some of them just do not have the possibility to get them, also not by online offers; others cannot afford all the common tools. This made me feel a little sad. Quilling should not have limits by such problems; the door of creativity should be open to everyone in this world. So I was thinking about this problem, since I also had so much difficulty in my quilling beginnings to get all the tools and it’s still not yet easy. I was working on the topic tools and a great idea came up to me.




I started to do some slotted pens, then needles and the ideas where just flowing and I could not stop realizing them. I also designed some complete new tools which cannot be found commercial, but are great for using.


My next idea was: “Why, should we not do this as a workshop together?” Let’s open the doors for all, to make their own most beautiful self-designed quilling tools.


What do you think about this idea? Can I invite you to work on your own quilling tools? How will you design them? Which colors will you use? Will you maybe create a new idea, to make some lovely quilling shapes or creations? Your participation is a big help for others which have difficulties, give them some ideas, by sharing, to make own quilled quilling tools.


If you like to take my invitation then join this event and work on your quilling tools, show as your created tools. To create some tools, you will not need much time, for all the tools in the following video I had with designing them about 24 hours. So give it a try. You will enjoy your tools, while working on your quilling creations.



These tools should be made "if possible" with quilling shapes and materials. The materials should be affordable and available to everyone in this world. Bring some good ideas, also recycled ideas are welcome. Please watch my video, I will introduce you some examples of mine to inspire you.


This workshop event is also created as an open-ended online workshop, what means it does not have a planned ending, so that it may develop in several ways. Here you have also the possibility to ask questions, get advice by explaining, sharing pictures or videos how to do. So that everyone can create their tools and are not limited in doing most beautiful quilling creations.




For each of you which participate in this workshop-event, I can only say thanks a lot for all your sharing’s and your help to open new doors, then creativity should have NO LIMITS!!! 

Please watch my Video to get inspired

You will find lots of nice ideas as well to see how they can be used and how I have done them.