About me

Hello, I am Bridgit, I live in Switzerland and I am 50 years young by heart. I discovered quilling for me, a hobby that just fits to me. I can not only relax very well by doing it, it also has a meditative effect on me. I can use Quilling to achieve my versatility for example, unfold my creativity, let overflow my wealth of ideas, discover my own creative power, create new things which are unknown, play with the colors and shapes, find out many beautiful things and to share with you all my knowledge about quilling here on this website as far as my time and health allows it. Quilling is only a hobby for me. I do not earn anything by doing it. I do not sell my works and I do not get any many for my videos, homepage and all I do. For me this is just my passion and I love to share it with you.


In 2014, I started to upload some video tutorials from my quilling works on my YouTube channel Bridgit’s Creativity. This idea came to me, because I could never remember how I have made the one or other creation of mine. So I started to make photos, videos and notes so I can check back at a later time how I have done all this things. Soon I realized that I also had much joy to create such videos and so it began to become livelier on my YouTube channel. I do not know where my quilling journey will lead me to, but with this website I know it will go on and I am looking forward to those who will accompany me on this quilling journey to create some nice things in this world and just to have a nice time together with much fun and joy.


Now I wish you an inspiring and pleasant time here on this website Quilling4you.

Kind regards
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