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Quilling is a hobby where you can express and develop your creativity, imagination, ideas richness, ability, preferences and talents in versatility. If you are in the middle of creating something new, it can also create a soothing or even meditative effect on you, so you can turn off your daily routine for a short time. Probably it is due to the basic shape of a spiral which is then processed into the countless further. Who knows? The spiral is a powerful symbol for the infinite movement of life. In any case, Quilling can give you a lot of joy try it out and see where it draws you, because there are also your gifts, abilities and talents hidden.


The website "Quilling 4 you" is a pure informative site, where you can find all kind of information about Quilling. With this website I would like to give the possibility to other Quilling friends, but especially quilling "beginners", to inform themselves fast, uncomplicated and manageable about the topic of quilling and their versatility.

That is why this site is also called "Quilling 4 you".

Here you will not only find the Quilling ABC about quilling shapes, techniques and tools, but also to inspire you with new ideas, you will find many of my own Quilling projects, which can be also seen by my video tutorials. 

Now I wish you much joy on my website and new creative ideas for your own Quilling projects.

This year autumn 2017 I am starting the first Quilling Online course on Facebook in our new Group: Quilling4you - Learning Group

This Course is only for beginners and for those which are not much advanced!!!

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