All different Quilling Possibilities

Quilling means, to make out of paper strips different possibilities of creations. How ever you process the strips all this creations are classified as Quilling. For example, by Origami, whole papers sheets are folded, the whole paper and the folding technique are classified as Origami. So what ever you create with paper strips this is classified under Quilling.


But you can make so much different quilling works, this can be 2D flat projekts or a mix between 2D and 3D by making 2D layers or mixing this different types (2D and 3D) together.

You can make also 3D projects like all sorts of figures, different arrangements or wreaths, jewellry  etc.

Or another 3D variation is by covering non Quilling items or furniture with Quilling shapes, like books, vases, pots, glasses, styrofoam balls, eggs or cones and much more things. 

And you can also make Filigree works which is done somehow differently as the classic Quilling works.

As following you can see more about all this different Quilling works and possibilities, just click on the link which interest you: