Bridgit's Quilling Roses

I would like to introduce you my Quilling Roses.

Roses, who does not love them? A special flower of LOVE. To make a quilling rose you need lots of Tight Coils to make and shape the petals. The petals need to be very thin to shape them like you need it for Roses. Each petal needs a different shaping which is easy done by using a special glue-mixture and shape technique. For your quilling flower creations you can use just single roses or if you like you can create quilling roses with stems and leaves. In video part 1, I show you some techniques, tricks and tips how to make and shape this thin petals and how to glue them together to a lovely quilling rose. In video part 2 you can see how to make the stem and leaves. It is a challenge in patience and fine motor skills to create this lovely flower.


To watch the video, please just click on the image below. To enlarge the pictures just click on them.

Video: Quilling Rose (Part 1) flowers

Video: Quilling Rose (Part 2) steam, sepal and leaves