Bridgit's Quilling Sunflowers

I would like to introduce you my Quilling Sunflowers. The sunflower is a devine flower of joy. This flower gives ever one a magical smile in their hearts. Getting a sunflower as present - is a gift of joy.
With the comb technique "Oca-Wrap" the parts are glued easly and quickly together to petals. It only takes some time and needs patience to cut the fringed strips for the stamen. In my video I will show you some variations to make different petals shapes for example by using crimped strips. In this video I also want to draw attention to the possibility of coloring or bleaching strips. By using strips in color shades you can give your sunflowers a special touch. In my 3-part video about dyeing and bleaching strips you will find all the informations. Click here for coloring strips and click here for bleaching strips.


To watch the video, please just click on the image below. To enlarge the pictures just click on them.

 Video: Quilling 3D Sunflower's