All about Quilling Strips

Quilling Stips is the most important working tool which is needed to do Quilling but its not always easy to buy or make them your self. To buy them in the store is not so easy since you do not get much choise of colors and sizes and they are also very expensive. But you can get already some very good online deals like by

Amazon, ebay etc. or by special provider of quilling items like by Quilling Lake City Craft Company

The other alternative way is to make your quilling strips your self. As following you can see some possibilitys how to do this.


The right Quilling Paper

The best paper that can be used for quilling strips is construction paper. The paper should be dyed through the paper and not printed on it, since we work by quilling with the cut surface where the color should be well recognizable. Look for a good online supplier where you get a good deal for price and quality.

I buy my constraction paper in Switzerland and get a very good offer in colors, quality and price.                                       

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The right Quilling Strip sizes and paper thickness

For Filigree quilling projects you need a paper thickness from 220 mg upwards
and the strips should be up to 9mm wide or more. It depends on how big the picture will be and what effect you want to achieve with it.      

For Quilling projects you need a paper thickness from 120/130 mg. The strips wide can be very different and depends on the work you do.
- for 2D wall pictures (flat) you can use 4-6 mm strips
- for 3D projects you can use 2-4 mm strips
- for 3D fine artworks you can use 1-2 mm strips

Strips between 3-10 mm you can also buy or cut them your self. Strips between 1-2 mm you have by cutting them your self, you just take a 3 mm or 4 mm strips and cut it with a scissor in half or in 3 thin strips.

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Cutting Quilling Strips by hand or a hand shredder

A very easy and cheap way to cut Quilling strips is to cut them by Hand, but its very work-intensive and needs much time. In the following video you can see how to cut quilling strips by hand or with a hand shredder. But please be aware that a hand-shredder is not available everywhere.  

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Cutting Quilling Strips with a pasta machine

A very good, cheap and quick alternative to make your own Quilling strips is to use a pasta machine. You can cut strips in different sizes. Here on this page "cutting with pasta machine" you will find much more information's. Look at the following video to see how to use the machine.

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Cutting Quilling Strips with a office shredder

An other alternative, which is but not so easy to find and can also be very expensive is a office-Shredder with strip cut in 5.8 mm or 3.9 mm. Not all shredders are suitable for this, as some shredders will tear the paper too much and the edges of the paper are then more fringed. I could buy a second hand shredder very cheap by eaby and the paper cut is more than perfect, meanwhile I see that it was a good luck to find and buy it. See the following video tutorials how I cut my Quilling strips. In the following, you can also see a pictures with two quilling works, which are cut with two different shredders, so you can see the differences of cuts with different shredders. Please be aware of this before buying a expensive shredder.  

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>>>Please click on the Videos to look at them<<<