Cutting Strips with a Pasta Machine

To cut your strips with a pasta machine is a very good option in price and quality. You can buy different pasta machines on the market. If you buy it new you find some offers already with good prices. Professional pasta machines can cost more but you also get some special attachments offered, to make some different sizes of cuts. Sometimes you can also find a second-hand common or professional pasta machine to a good price, so give this a chance maybe you are just lucky and will find one which is suitable for you. If you are interested to buy a pasta machine you have to be aware of some information's which are very important so that you do not buy the wrong machine. Watch this video to see how to use the machine.

Please be aware to buy a good pasta machine.

The best pasta machines are made in Italy where pasta is originated. My first purchase was a complete new pasta machine which I have bought as a professional machine without brand name, made in Germany. The result was a very bad option to cut Quilling strips. I was quite disappointed, but I did not give up on this idea and searched for another one and found a very good brand product made in Italy, where you can also choose attachments to cut different sizes of strips. Here you can see this two different pasta machine, they look very similar but they are from to different manufacturer. You can see that the bad machine cuts 1mm strips very frayed and cannot be used.

The second pasta machine, which I have bought, is a brand from Italy called "Imperia"

Best is to visit their Website to see the different products.


A pasta machine is not made to cut Quilling strips, so it's difficult to get information's about the cutting sizes. You will either find descriptions of the different pastas which the machine can produce.

So here I will note for you all the different pastas and the sizes, which you can use to produce Quilling strips:


0,8 mm = Capelli d'angelo

1,5 mm = Capelli d'angelo

   2 mm = Tagliatelle

   4 mm = Trenette

6,5 mm = Fettuccine

 12 mm = Lasagnette

 32 mm = Pappardelle


The company Imperia offers attachments "Duplex and Simplex" Just click on this links to see more about it.

Here are the attachments in different sizes which I have bought:

If you want to buy an Imperia with different attachments, then ask the company Imperia if they can tell you a supplier in your Country. They know their customers and may help you.

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Here you can see the 2mm strips in the cutting wheel

Here you can see the 4mm strips in the cutting wheel

Here you can see the different

cutting surface

The difference between pasta machine wheels and shredder wheels.

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The straight wheels from the pasta machine are very precisely near to each other; they have hardly any distance in between to the adjacent wheels and are very precisely processed. Therefore, the cut is so precise and not very frayed. The edges are also not sharp and you cannot cut or injure yourself. Therefore there is also no need to sharpen the cutting wheels. To have nice catted Quilling strips it is very important that the cutting wheels are made out of metal and the cutting distances of the single wheels are adjusted correctly.  This you will find by good brand pasta machines and not cheap imitations.


The shredder cutting wheels are slightly toothed and tear the paper slightly perforated. The edges of the cutting wheels are not sharp and you cannot cut or injure yourself. This is why they have a long service guarantee. The wheels are also different as to the pasta machine, the cutting wheels are more (wedge shaped), where the pasta machine has straight wheels. If you look closer you can see that the top wheels and the down wheels are very close to each other so that the paper tears in between.


When your strips are cut bad, then something is wrong with your cutting wheels

I have now discovered now the problem why the paper was so frayed and had this bad cut with the first pasta machine which I have bought. The cutting wheels are made out of hard plastic and painted with silver metallic paint. Here I found a few places where the color went off. So the guarantee is not given that these cutting wheels can cut the strips in a good quality.

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Furthermore, I could also recognize that the cutting wheels are not precise adjusted and between the cutting wheels it has too much distances so that the paper is not torn properly and some strips are untorn and look like bad catted double-strips. I also think that probably by these plastic cutting wheels there is too little pressure to cut the edges properly and this is why they look so frayed. I have seen that by the second pasta machine "with brand Name" made in Italy, which I have bought, all the attachment are made out of metal and the wheels are precise adjusted, this is why the cuts are all very well done.

Here you can see the difference, 1,5mm strips cut with a good Pasta machine with brand name made in Italy. The cutting wheels are made out of metal and the wheels are precise adjusted, so that the cutting edges are very well done, as you can see.

What can you do with different sizes of Quilling strips?

With all this different strip sizes, you can do different Quilling works from fine art Quilling (1-2mm strip width), to normal Quilling works (3-4mm strip width) up to Filigree Quilling (6-12mm strip width). So if you can find the right pasta machine and can add also other attachments to it, you are able to cut quilling strips in different sizes to a good price and quality and can work very creative with much Quilling possibilities.

You can do different Quilling works in different sizes

with 1-2mm strips you can do fine art Quilling, like all my flowers

with 6-12mm strips you can do filigree Quilling artworks ...

or monograms and letters



A new idea which I am working currently is to make a Quilling artwork with mixed different sizes of shapes to give it a

lovely 3D effect.

Some useful tips for you:

  • If you buy a second-hand machine always try it first while the cutting wheels could be not good anymore and cuts the strips to frayed.
  • Cut only one sheet at the time, your cutting wheels will last longer.
  • Try first if you can cut more than 130mg2 paper and how the cutting surface looks like.
  • Clean your pasta machine attachments with a brush or use a hair dryer, so that dust or dirt does not affect the cuts.
  • The cutting wheels do not have to be sharpened because the edges are dull and do not cut the paper but tear it.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: do not buy attachments from other manufacturer, in the hope they could also fit on your machine, which you have already. Mostly, attachments do not fit on any other machine. Buy only attachments offered by the same manufacturer where you bought your machine.

If you keep your machine well, it will stay with you longer:

 Note: mg2 = gsm

Here you can write your comment's or information's you would like to share or just write your quetion's which you have.

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  • #1

    Bridgit's Creativity (Mittwoch, 21 Juni 2017 20:44)

    I buy my paper in Switzerland by the company Gerstaecker.
    To make my Quilling strips I buy coloured paper with the brand name URSUS in 130mg2 where there are offered in about 50 different colours. Coloured paper you will have to search under the German word "Tonpapier". The same paper you will also find here offered by the Company GreatArt in Great Britain:

  • #2

    Bridgit's Creativity (Montag, 10 Juli 2017 07:48)

    Informations for Australians: you can order the Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness it works brilliantly and it is made in Italy. Comes with Tagliolini 1.5mm and Fettucine 6mm. You can also order the the Capellini which promises 1mm and Linquine which some sites say 4mm and some 3mm