Quilling Comb Techniques

By wrapping a quilling strip in different ways around the comb teeth, you can create new quilling shapes. As following you can see all the different comb techniques which are known.

All Comb Techniques 

>>>Please click on the Pictures to see more informations about each technique and what for shapes you can do with them<<<



All Comb Techniques 

Here you can find some different combs and informations about the use of combs.

This is a Commercial Quilling comb which you can use for different possibilities. While the comb teeth are so long you can also do some spacial wraps like the On- and Ona-Wrap.

This are plastic combs for human care. The comb teeth are more moveble which makes it more difficult to handle with and to make uniform shapes.  

This are combs for the animal care. The comb teeths are made of metal and are very stable and do not move much, so its very good to handle and to make nice uniform shapes. You get the combs in different teeth sizes.